Who is Carli Lance?

I am Carli Lance (your mantra). You are Carli Lance (our mantra)

Carli Lance is you. Your unique self. We are here to help you capture and embrace that. No two people are alike. Yes, we all have similarities, but as we have seen as life plays out, you are not her and she is not he, and I am not you. What we are is who we are. When it comes to Career Life Balance, that is something is unique to everyone. Life and all it’s glorious (I know sometimes not so glorious) dynamics come in to play that make up who we are and who we become and who we will be. We change, we evolve, adapt, we shift. And as you do that, we want to be here for that ride. Your source of support during the rough patches, information to help guide you through decisions, a good laugh whether you need it or not and much more.

You are Carli Lance and so are we. We are all different which means there is no one template that will represent our lives. We get that here. Our goal is to provide you with information that connects you the template of you. Everyone is so unique and so different, we want to nourish that.

What we will provide here (and we will grow) is advice on:

  • Career
  • Life
  • Balance

Pretty broad topics, right? Exactly. They are broad topics and we are complex individuals. At any given stage in our life, we are shifting and aiming to find some sort of balance with key areas of our life. These are the categories that you will be faced with at any time and we want to keep that part simple.

Contact us:

Founder/CEO – Andrea – andrea@carlilance.com

Contributing Editor – Lia Robinson – lia@carlilance.com

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