George and Hailey were meeting for the first time. They were connected by mutual colleagues in their professional network. The purpose was to diversify their network and bring two like-minded individuals together. With two great personalities there is bound to be a great conversation. Within minutes of shaking hands, they were laughing and dialoguing like true professionals. They talked about careers, the market, the weather, and several other topics on the small talk checklist. Soon enough they were talking about how they can help one another’s businesses and connect them with others. The conversation, as it flowed from one topic to another, somehow led to healthier lifestyles. Hailey admitted that she was looking to lose a few pounds, but was struggling to find the right plan and motivation to do so.

George looked at her and said, “There is a simple rule of thumb I use to be more mindful of my food consumption, would you like to know what that is?”

Intrigued, Hailey responded, “Yes, please!” and waited in anticipation for the response.

George responded, “My simple rule of thumb is an apple has significantly less calories than French fries.”

Hailey looked at him blankly for a moment, and then burst out laughing, shouting “that is so simple and clearly true!”

These days, it’s noisy and complicated to start towards a healthier you. If you head to any online platform and decide to put in a search for ways to lead into a healthier lifestyle, you will be quickly inundated with options and quickly overwhelmed. Especially if you decided you want to lose a certain amount of weight in a short period of time. You may give up before you even start to take inventory of the food you have. Frustrated is an understatement. However, with this simple example above that George gave Hailey we can translate this to the simple mindset of small actions have huge rewards.

The apple versus French fries example is perfect. We know that an average sized apple has about 52 calories, while store-bought, oven-baked French fries have 166 calories per serving. That is a significant difference. We can see that if you just make a small, and satisfying, change you will eventually reap the rewards. So how can we apply this to many other areas of living a healthier lifestyle?

  1. A 10 minute walk is better than not walking. While it may not do much for calorie loss at first, it has huge rewards for your mental state.
  2. Black coffee versus a double-double. Coffee is not horrible for you, however all the stuff we add to it may just be. It adds up the calories.
  3. Bubly™ Sparking Water versus pop. We all know many pops are just liquid sugar. More and more soda replacement options are surfacing. The biggest one is Bubly. Its smart commercial with Michael Bublé helped the product fly off the shelves.
  4. YouTube – did you know YouTube has an abundance of great workout videos that are 20 minutes or less? From walking exercises to yoga, these can jumpstart a new healthier routine.
  5. Mirror others’ behaviour. Have you ever gone to a restaurant with friends and you decide to order the fattiest, greasiest thing while others have ordered a salad with a burger wrapped in lettuce? All of you are full afterwards, but only one of you will likely feel sluggish.

The options are endless to just start somewhere. The thing is healthier lifestyles are building blocks. Many diets fail because of deprivation versus gradual replacement. Opt in in for the gradual and opt out of the fads. For the long term you will reap the benefits.