It goes without saying the we will be delivered a basket full of lemons at one point in our life. We try our hardest to ignore this reality; after all, we are supposed to just live our lives. However, the basket will arrive, and we must take those lemons and figure out what to do with them. This package of lemons could be labeled death, divorce, sickness, layoffs, or any challenge that is just never easy to work through.

When we are faced with challenging times we struggle to do what we do best, solve the problem. We feel intensely like we are in the middle of the ocean swimming around to find land and get grounded fast before being defeated. We want more than anything to just be saved in order to hopefully solve the problem. However, we have the tools to save ourselves and rise above these challenges by being mindful of few items that can get us by.

  1. Flip the Script (change your narrative) – Your life is a story. Your story is your book. Each chapter is yours. You can change the direction of the story at anytime. Yes, there are going to be characters in the story that may have left your life through friendships or relationships ending, and more challenging, through death. However, we can shift the way we write that story focusing more on positives (what we learned) versus the negatives (victimizing).
  2. Keep Good People Around – Most people are good; they just may not be in a good space. That is okay. But for you, right now, you need positive people in your life to help you restore, heal, and get back to a positive place. Surround yourself with those people. Get them on the phone, go for a coffee, take a walk with someone, hit the spa with them. Make sure that they are going to wear their rose color glasses as that will also help you see the positive.
  3. Just ‘B’: Be Brave and Bold – Be the person who appreciates the simple things. Be the person who wants to jump on the trampoline, and does it. Be the person who gets lost in a good book. Be the person who dusts off their shoulders after a fall. Be the person who loves a good laugh and goes out and gets one (it really is medicine). Be the best you!

Any coping tools or strategies, that are healthy, work well in your favor. These are just a few to get you through these times. Use coping mechanisms that will raise you up and help you move forward in a healthy way. Getting back to you and on a path where your story has a good dialogue is the way to healing.