Nothing is better than holding a new baby. It is all the feelings that you can never explain to anyone. The only people who know are those who have felt it. Like falling in love, which we technically do with this little person, you can’t explain how full your heart is and why you feel over the moon. Most new moms feel this way instantly and know exactly why, at that moment, they wanted nothing more than this little person in their lives. It’s one heck of a powerful place – and space – to be in.

As quickly as those feelings of love and elation flood over you, other feelings follow just as quickly: being tired, overwhelmed, confused, lost, and uncertain; feeling like you may never have this mom thing down. While we cannot take that feeling away, we can provide you with a quick list of tips to help navigate life as a new mom.

  1. Outsource tasks, and quickly. This is one area where many of us don’t even know how to start. Asking for help can be hard, but handing over your to-do list can even be harder. The thing is – don’t be a hero. People want to help, but they often need you to let them know. Give some of those tasks away as you adjust to your new life.
  2. Set boundaries. While you may be delegating tasks, there are times at the beginning when people can be too much. It’s okay to set boundaries. If people’s feelings are hurt, oh well. If they can’t understand that you need some space at times, that is not a you problem it is a them
  3. Take the pictures. Especially the ones of you smiling and holding your baby. The first reason – they grow quickly. As well, on those challenging days when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed to numb your brain and take a mental vacation you will appreciate those moments you captured. They will fill your heart.
  4. Get professional help. If you feel sad, down, etc. Get some help and quickly. Don’t let this spin out of control.
  5. Be mindful of your budget. While it is super tempting to buy all those cute outfits when you are mall walking to get your steps in, remember these little people grow quickly and won’t be in that outfit for long. Don’t throw money away. If you are tempted, open a RESP as fast as possible and toss the money in there. You will be thankful you did. Also, you can find amazing second-hand items at the thrift stores and on online marketplaces.
  6. Pump and rest. This was a big one for me and I promise you, you will be thankful you did. Pump and if you have a partner or spouse, let them feed the bambino in the middle of the night. No need for you to be the only one who loses sleep if there is someone else with you.
  7. Automate everywhere you can. Whether you sign up for online shopping to allow you to pick up your groceries while you are in the car or enroll for a diaper service – less unnecessary travelling or last minute errands the better.
  8. Take care of you. Take that bath, drink two litres of water, or complete a puzzle. Do what you can do, in the short breaks you can have, to take care of you. These little ones take a while to get on a routine for sleep which means you have now become the most accommodating person on earth. But you need to have you time to be good to others.
  9. Eat healthy. This goes without saying, but when snacks are easily accessible in processed packages it is hard to find the will to do meal prep. Buy apples, bananas, frozen veggies, etc. Then you can quickly grab those and run. They will provide you with important nutrients and help you keep you energy levels up.
  10. Stay away from drama. While it can be tempting to want to know what’s going on in people’s lives, you only have so much energy and are way too vulnerable to get caught up in nonsense. You will be surprised how often this can happen now that you are deemed “more accessible” because you are home taking care of a child. This is a boundary yes, but it is also a mindfulness practice.

New mom life is a spectacular experience with a roller coaster of feelings. The new mom world, like a new car, fades as the time goes by. Enjoy this time with your newbie and savour the moment with mindful ways to keep you enjoying the new mom zone.