Move over formal vacations, your new siblings have moved in and are making life easier for many. The typical, formal vacation has become challenging for many. Knowing you want to take the entire family away or take a break has become very stressful. However, with all new types of ‘cations surfacing, people are loving the options and feeling like they can break free from the typical vacation. So, what are these new types of breaks and how can you make them work?

First up is a stay-cation. Ok not so new, but it is gaining attention with multiple ideas out there. Essentially this is break you take, but you don’t have to leave your home. Huh? You may ask, how is that a rewarding break? Well, if done right this type of break can leave you refreshed and feeling like you catered to all your self-care needs. Tips to making this one work include:

  1. Set up your activities. Are you going to have a siesta every day? Are you going to tan in your backyard? Are you going to practice those culinary skills you have been meaning to get on top of? Whatever the activities are ensure they don’t feel like work. You want to relax and feel like you did something out of the norm.
  2. Set up boundaries. No phone, no email, no news, no drama. Set this up to ensure these stay at bay as best as you can. Turn off the email. Pre-record shows you want to watch. Tell your friends in advance you are taking a break (especially Becky, because she always has something going on).

The second one, which everyone will love, is a solo getaway. Self-cation.  Go by yourself somewhere. Whether it’s a beach or 30 minutes outside your normal radius, this is where you will go and you will be removed from stressful triggers. This is also called mom-cation or dad-cation. Tips to make this work:

  1. Find a place you want to go,
  2. Book it,
  3. Say see you later.

Yup, it’s just that simple.

We tend to make things more complicated than we need to. While we have responsibilities, we also have responsibilities to our own self-care. Taking care of you helps you take care of your responsibilities. Try one of these breaks on for size. I am sure will feel the rewards.