Our Favourite Books for Career Development


“Your career is your business. It’s time for you to manage it as a CEO.” Dorit Sher Did you know 37 per cent of employees in Canada and the United States are actively looking for

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Is a Cover Letter an Option or a Must-have?


Like their trusted companions, resumes, cover letters are not the most enjoyable things to write. After all, we are not all writers by nature. The question constantly surfaces about whether or not this item is

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How to leave a job – the right way


Leaving a job always has brings on feelings. Rarely do we leave without some sort of frustration or sadness. Oddly, I have left a job over 10 times. Only two were no-brainer choices which had

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How to Deal with a Colleague You Dislike


“Sometimes the best part of my job is that my chair swivels.” – Unknown Fact: We spend the approximate total of 10.5 years of our life working (data from the World Bank, Bureau of Labour

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Are you a PI_Professional Introvert?


“You need to network,” they say. “You should just get to know your team,” says another. These are comments that many of us hear in this ultra-competitive work landscape; however, the challenge is that no

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Leaving a Job for Money?


There's nothing wrong with that, but consider these things before you do. You have a new family and your expenses increase. Financial needs. Your industry is declining and there's not enough money. No raises are

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Seven reasons you did not get the interview


As a Talent Specialist I see many candidates who are frustrated by the time they meet with me. They cannot understand why they haven’t made it to the interview stage with the hiring person at

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